Celebrating its 41st year!

A top Boston Marathon qualifying race

Race Day: November 10 2018

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Team/Club RegistrationAre you part of your local running club? Do you run with a group of friends or co-workers?  Do you just want to do this thing with your people? Either way, running as a team is always more fun and at the Anthem Richmond Marathon, we invite you and your squad to join in on that fun, TOGETHER! Bring your community to be a part of our community, we are after all America’s Friendliest Marathon! 

Team Perks

10+  people on your team – Each team member will receive a 10% off coupon to our merchandise store.

20+ people on your team – You become eligible for a team discount. Email us for a discount code.

50+ people on your team – Receive a 10x10 tent at the Co-Star Post-Race Party for your team/club to celebrate together!

Team Competition

Who can recruit the biggest squad? If it is you, all members of your team will receive a special shirt that will let the world know your squad was the biggest at the Anthem Richmond Marathon! Shirts will be mailed out post event to your team.

Please Note:

Team discounts apply only to new registrations. Refunds of discounted entry fees not be issued to someone who is already registered.


Email [email protected]

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